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Our Nursery Class here at Our Lady and Saint Benedict Catholic Academy

As part of The Newman Catholic Collegiate, Our Lady and St Benedict Catholic Academy welcomes children of all faiths and non to its nursery.   

Utilising a huge outdoor space, our nursery pupils are truly cared for with staff nurturing the development of each child. 

Our Lady and St Benedict offer up to 30 hours of free childcare in its nursery. This is available for all parents who are looking for welcoming, comfortable and cohesive childcare.  

Why is early childcare so important?  

Having access to funded nursery places not only puts children’s development first, but it also helps to reduce associated financial strains. Accessing funded childcare frees up income for other essential needs.  

Knowing that their children are safe in a productive environment is priceless for a parent. 

Aside from financial benefits, having children in a nursery for as long as possible can help aid personal development. Rather than being kept at home due to a lack of funds, children can interact with peers and develop social skills from an earlier age and at a quicker rate than those who don’t. 

Fantastic development opportunities   

Our age-appropriate nursery facilities are designed to spark curiosity and ignite a passion for development. Here's how OLSB ensures this:  

Inviting classrooms  

Filled with natural light and vibrant colours, our classrooms provide a safe space for learning.  

Dedicated areas  

We have designated areas for imaginative play, creative activities, storytelling corners, and sensory exploration.  

Outdoor discovery   

Our incredible and secure outdoor space offers opportunities for physical activity and nature exploration of the natural world igniting curiosity, wonder and awe. 

Incredible staff  

Each of our staff members are qualified to teach nursery children to a high standard. We ensure a high-quality level of teaching and nurturing throughout the school. 


Anyone interested in joining our nursery class is strongly encouraged to contact the school to book a one-to-one principal tour with the principal to see the extensive facilities and services on offer here at Our Lady and St Benedict Catholic Academy. 

To explore more of our nursery facilities and to book a tour for your child, get in touch today by calling 01782 234646 or emailing