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Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission Statement

‘Loving, Learning and Looking forward with Christ.’

Our Values:

At Our Lady and St. Benedict Catholic Academy we aim to:

Provide opportunities for every member of our community to strengthen their spiritual relationship, belief and faith with Christ and one another through daily prayer, worship, liturgy and learn to live out their relationship based on the teachings of the Gospel Values.

Believe every person matters and that they are entitled to equality of opportunity. Each individual’s unique God-given talents are nurtured and celebrated and through an excellent Catholic education each member will achieve their full potential and come ever closer to understanding their vocation.

Be committed to a strong, loyal and supportive partnership between pupils, parents, Governors, staff, parish and community where the teaching of Christ and the Church are used as our guide to ever strengthen this relationship and service to one another.

Endeavour to provide an environment in which children understand that they are made in the image of God and develop self-discipline, respect and care for all through their words, actions and thoughts.

Encourage all through the teachings of Christ and the examples of Our Lady and St. Benedict to be privileged to act as ambassadors for the school now and for their future place within God’s world.

‘Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ.  And may He bring us all together to  everlasting life.’

Rule of Saint Benedict

    The school is a proud member of the Newman Catholic Collegiate:  

The collegiate Mission statement can be found here :