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Last Day of Term Year 6 Leavers Photos

Leavers Assembly- The Haunted Forest

Year 6 have worked hard to create this leavers assembly with a little surprise from us at the end. We are posting it here for children and parents to rewatch.

Y6 Leavers Hoodie Letter June 2020

Updated E-Safety Poster

Return to School Letter (Key information for potential return on 1st June)

Star of the Week 22.05.20

Weekly Letter 15th May


Dear pupils, parents and carers,


This week has felt very strange as it should have been our SATs week! I know many of you were looking forward to proving yourselves and were looking forward to the challenge of SATs. I know also that some of you were worried about what this week would bring and feel relieved that you did not have to do SATs. But however you felt about them, as we said in our poem, we never needed a SATs test to know how amazing, kind, funny and caring you are! 


With the news we may be returning to school soon, know that we are missing you lots, working very hard to get things ready for you and preparing for a safe return. We will be updating you with further information as we work out the logistics so watch this space.


In the meantime, keep working hard in the final week of this half term, enjoy the sunshine over the weekend and most of all...STAY SAFE!


Miss Murray



Week Commencing 18th May

Star of the Week 15.05.20

A poem to our year 6 pupils:


Dear Year 6 pupils and parents,


Today would have marked the start of SATs week. Please read and share this poem with your children and classmates to make sure all of year 6 know how proud we are of them.


To all our year 6 pupils,


SATs week is finally here,

SATs- that dreaded word which brings both excitement and fear,

The tests we worked hard for all year which never came,

This week we’re stuck at home and none of us is to blame.


A virus about which none of us really knew,

A pandemic which means school remains closed to all but a few.

Artwork, books and stationary you treasured with pride,

Now our classrooms feel empty with no children inside.


“No SATs!” I can hear some of you cheer with joy and relief,

For others it’s a cry of shock, anger or disbelief.

Some of you may feel cheated of the chance to show,

All the skills, strategies and facts that you know.


Many of you may feel you have missed your turn,

But remember that tests don’t measure all that you learn.

It’s been such an honour to watch you blossom and bloom,

Using your God-given gifts and talents to brighten our classroom.


At OLSB you experienced and discovered many things,

With every new adventure you began to spread your wings.

Keep being yourself and chasing your dreams,

Living life with joy and hope that bursts at the seams.


From all the staff and pupils at OLSB, we just wanted to say,

How incredibly proud we are of you today and every day:

“Year 6 throughout your time with us you have come so far,

We never needed tests to tell us how incredible you are!”


Lots of Love from Team OLSB

W/C 11th May Home Learning Power Point

Letter w/c 4th May

Dear parents, carers and year 6 pupils,

Well done on another successful week of home learning! I have been really impressed with all the work children have submitted online and the photos of work I have been sent that children have completed offline.


REMINDER: It's a bank holiday tomorrow- Friday 8th May (don't forget like I did when planning your work)- so that means you have a day off to celebrate VE Day and hopefully enjoy some nice sunny weather which has been forecast! Please ignore Friday's work on the Power Point I have now rolled this over into next week.


Well done again on all your hard work! We are really missing you but I have really loved hearing about your home learning in your weekly diaries- don't forget to submit these it's good to reflect on each week and we love to hear how you are getting on.


Enjoy your extended weekend!

Miss Murray



VE Day Ideas

Star of the Week 07.05.20

Safe + Sound Home Learning


Year 6 were lucky enough to visit Hanley Fire Station in September for their Safe + Sound event covering topics like: what to do in the event of a fire, mental wellbeing and first aid. They have no released a broadcast that will be live at 10am on Wednesday 6th May about issues that may be faced whilst we are all working from home. Please feel free to take a look at the resources as an extra home learning activity this week:


Topics this week are:


  • Fire safety in the kitchen
  • What to do if there is an accident at home
  • Water safety
  • Mental health & wellbeing

Week Commencing 4th May Home Learning Powerpoint

Home Learning Star of the Week 01.05.2020

Weekly Letter:


Well done year 6 on all your hard work again this week! I've been really impressed with the work you have produced online and the work that your parents have emailed across to the teacher email account.


We hope you enjoy the video the staff have created for you, we are missing you lots! 


Next week, you will be completing some transition activities based around Fairy Tales in Literacy, Victorians in history/DT and Angles in Maths. You will also be doing some recapping of prior knowledge in Science to make sure you are ready for KS3! All of this is below this letter.


I have created a PowerPoint (in PDF form) to help you complete all the activities for the week which I hope will be clearer and more simple to follow. If you have any issues accessing any of the websites/resources please email  If you need a login for any of the websites on the daily slides, please also email this address.


Hope you are keeping safe and well and had a restful, peaceful Easter!


Miss Murray, Mrs Buxton and Mrs Finn.

Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Home Learning Star of the Week 24.04.20

Railway Safety Video from National Rail.


At this time, it is really important that children stay away from railway tracks and overhead lines. There is no danger to any persons as long as they remain away from the railway boundary line and fencing. However, National Rail has seen an increase in young people in our area playing near or on railway lines. Here is a short video they have produced to help young people understand the dangers:

Resources to help with letter writing: Model letter and Toolkit task, Boxing up example to complete on paper, Success criteria for writing.

ICT Help Sheet

Letter about W/C 20th April


I would like to thank all parents for trying to complete as much home learning as possible in these difficult times. We understand that you are trying to balance a lot of things right now: your own work, home learning and your children's wellbeing. I have tried to include as many activities this week as possible that could be completed offline and as independently as possible. Having said this, some activities will need a little more support and some will need to be done online, if you have any problems completing these activities or would like any help with them please email .


Hope you are keeping safe and well,

Miss Murray

Timetable Week Commencing 20th April

Spellings W/C 20th April


Good Morning Year 6! 

Today you have an extra task: PE with Joe Wickes on YouTube. Look for BodyCoach TV on YouTube and Tuesday’s video should be going live at 9am.  It doesn’t matter whether you complete this live or later on but there will be a new video every day so please join in and stay active from your living room! I will also be taking part in the PE lesson- if I can do it you can!

Miss M

French home learning



Please contact your class teacher at to receive a login for


To access music lessons set by our specialist music teacher go to and click on YUMU Student Log In.

TTRockstars Battle Winners.....Y6!!



Creative Activities for the Easter Holidays

RE Easter Homework. Week 1 complete slides 4-6. week 2 complete slides 7-9.

Weekly Letter:


Well done on another successful week of home learning year 6! We have been really impressed with the effort you have been putting into your work. We have been missing seeing you every day, but it has been really nice to hear about your home learning through the diaries you have sent in. We hope you have a peaceful, restful and safe Easter holidays. You will be set some homework which needs to be completed and some optional extra ideas for creative activities. We would love to see photos of your creative work, please send them to . 


Stay safe and smiling!

Miss Murray, Mrs Buxton and Mrs Finn.

Home Learning Star of the Week 3.04.20

Science Home Learning WOW Work- Very creative!

Rainbows for Hope

Timetable and Tasks (within timetable) for Week Commencing 30th March

My Maths Logins!!

We now have logins for My Maths, please email for your username and password to ( for year 6 pupils logins).


This  will be where all of next week's tasks will be set. 


Thanks and have a nice weekend!


Miss Murray

Religious Education - Complete Slides 1 - 3. Use the documents below.

Year 5/6 TTRockstars Battle- Y6 winning at the moment (27th March at 3.20pm)!

Year 6 Star of the Week

TTRockstars Competition between year 5 and 6- get involved and try to beat year 5!

How to Access the Class Blog From Children’s Purple Mash Accounts

Ideas for Science activities at home

Maths Resources for Home Learning

Whilst we are busy setting up MyMaths for pupils home learning, we have been setting revision tasks on Purple Mash for Co-ordinates and practice SATs style tests on SATs Bootcamp.


Yesterday, White Rose Maths launched resources to support all year groups' learning. There are helpful videos and  activities (including the answers for parents/children to self mark work).


In addition to the work set for this week please can you complete the work on Ratio for by White Rose Maths in your blue Maths books which we sent home (or on paper if you do not have these). There are 5 lessons to complete but each one is a fairly short activity.



 Miss M

Teacher Email:

Teacher Email:


Please use this email should you need to contact the year 6 team about home learning activities, logins and advice for home learning. 

Miss M

Our agreed E-safety rules whilst we are using the internet to keep in touch

Home Learning Timetable:

Dear Parents, Carers and Year 6 pupils, 


Please find below a copy of our normal daily timetable and suggested daily activities to give you a structure for your child's home learning.


Day 9.15-9.45 9.45-10.45 10.45-11.00 11.00-11.15 11.15-11.25 11.25-12.20 12.20-1.20 1.20-2.20 2.20-3.20
Monday Reading Maths Break Spellings Arithmetic practice Art Lunch Literacy tasks (Reading Paper SATSBootcamp) ICT
Tuesday Reading

Maths- Arithmetic Practice Paper


Break Grammar Arithmetic practice Literacy tasks (writing) Lunch RE RE
Wednesday Reading Maths Break Spellings Paper (SATsBootcamp) Arithmetic practice Literacy tasks (SPAG Paper SATS Bootcamp) Lunch PSHE Science
Thursday Reading Maths- Reasoning Practice  Paper (SATSBootcamp) Break Grammar Arithmetic practice Literacy tasks (writing) Lunch History Music
Friday Reading Maths Break Spellings Arithmetic practice Literacy tasks (writing) Lunch French Revision


Currently, we believe that moderation based on your child's performance in past SATs papers is going to be used to give them an end of year 'grade' which will be passed on to the high school. Therefore, we need all children to be trying their best in the past papers, completing these on a regular basis and making use of any possible revision resources from ourselves or at home.


Further resources will be posted on this class webpage and activities will be set on SATSBootcamp, Purple Mash, MyMaths or TTRockstars. Your children will be given logins to these to bring home.


Please let us know of any access issues you may have as soon as possible. We will be checking children's work on a daily basis and providing feedback where possible.


** Please note that the timetable above is for guidance only and as long as all activities are completed in the week this is fine. However, sticking to this structure will help to keep a normal routine for the children.


Thank you for your continued support at this difficult time,

Miss Murray, Mrs Buxton and Mrs Finn.

Tasks for this week:


Week Commencing 23rd March 2020:


Practice papers to complete on SATsBootcamp this week:

- Reading Test 1

-Arithmetic Test 1 

-Spelling Test 1

-SPAG Short Answers Test 1

- Maths Reasoning 1, Test 1

**Please note these are not the PAST papers these are PRACTICE papers on the website.


Daily Reading:

Monday- Purple Mash Chapter 1 of text

Tuesday- Home reading book of choice (at appropriate reading level)

Wednesday- Purple Mash Chapter 2 of text

Thursday- Home reading book of choice

Friday- Purple Mash Quiz 1 and 2 for text.



Check MyMaths each day for activities: logins to be sent out.

For now, please complete 2Dos set on Purple Mash and use TTRockstars for Arithmetic practice



Monday- Purple Mash 2do: Y6 SPR2 WK1 - Quiz

Tuesday- Grammar- Purple Mash 2Do

Wednesday- Spellings paper as listed above

Thursday- Grammar- Purple Mash 2Do

Friday- Practice spellings from SATs paper that were incorrect/from Purple Mash


All other subjects:

Check Class webpage and Purple Mash for 2Do's



World Book Day

Stations of the cross led by year 6 during Lent

Our class prayer table and reflective space during Lent

Our Child Friendly e-safety learning

Y6 Learning About Types of Tectonic Plate Boundaries in Geography

Glow Sports Behaviour Treat for the Autumn Term

Using Talk for Writing and Art lessons to create display work based around the text Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish

Christmas Play and Class Assembly telling the Christmas story

Learning about the Parables of a Jesus in RE

Class Reflections from our RE unit of work about the Kingdom of Heaven

Celebrating Harvest Mass

Year 5 and 6 Library Visit