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Dear Parents / Carers / Pupils,


Well done on another great week of learning. As the summer holiday approaches, we would just like to thank all of the parents / carers for their support as we know it has been a challenging time for all. Well done to year 5 too as we know it has been tricky for everyone. We hope you all have a lovely relaxing summer. 


Thank you for the continued support. 


Many Thanks 

Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

Dear Parents / Carers / Pupils,


It was lovely to see so many of you on the zoom chat again this week. Well done on another successful week of home learning. We will continue to work from our Power maths books again this week. 

Thanks for the continued support

Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

Dear Year 5 / parents / carers, 

It was great to see some of you during our online Zoom meeting this week. smiley We will do the same again this week  but this time we will focus on the Wonderful Wizards guided reading text that we have set for this week... please look out for the text to confirm the time. Please could parents email again and give permission for the invite to be sent, this is the email address 


Many Thanks for the continued support 


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 



St Margaret Ward Transition Letter

Dear Parents / Carers,


It was so fantastic to see all and your smiling faces. smiley We hope you enjoyed the surprise visit from myself or Miss Farrell. Another huge well done for all the great home learning again this week. It was great to see some of your outdoor learning too. Thanks to the parents for the emails please keep the work emails coming, its great to see all the creative work that you have been doing at home. As well as work please feel free to email with any questions or concerns that you have. From mid week we will start to complete some work in the Power mathematics books, this will be indicated on the daily Power points which pages your child needs to complete. Please look out for this. 


Many Thanks for your continued support


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

Home Learner - WC 15th June 2020

Dear Parents / Carers 


Thanks for the emails this week it has been great to see the hard work. We would like to thank you as parents/carers for your continued support as we continue with home learning for year 5. We understand that it is a difficult time for all. Please feel free to email or call the school office with any issues or concerns. Please find home learning this week, we have slightly changed the home learning timetable for the next few weeks. I will attach the timetable below.


Thank you 

Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

Pebble Painting! 


Dear Pupils / Parents,


During the lockdown we have been supporting the NHS and Key Workers by clapping every Thursday evening as well as raising money. So at OLSB we have decided to show our appreciation for the NHS / Key Workers and anything else that we have been grateful for during this difficult time.


The Corona Cobra is a snake made out of the pebbles that we have found on our walks or in our garden. We would like you to paint or draw a picture to show our care for the NHS/Key Workers/ or someone who has helped you during this tricky time, you can add a message to the back of the pebble if you like. We will create a long snake of all of our messages and pictures. Please drop the pebble to your class reading box on one of the up and coming Mondays during the book swap.

Many Thanks

Year 6



Home Learner 12th June 2020

Dear parents / Carers, 


Thank you for the great home learning from year 5 again this week. We will again continue to set work with a daily PowerPoint and resources. You can still contact us via the year 5 class email address but it may take slightly longer to get back to you as we are in class during the week at various times. 


Many Thanks


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell  

Dear Parents / Carers,


We hope that you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the great weather. We will continue in the same way as last half term with a daily PowerPoint with the learning for that day. Again you can email us with any questions on the following email


Many Thanks


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

RE W/C 18th May

Resources W/C: 18th May 2020

Home Learner

Dear Parents / Carers / Pupils,


Well done for another week of great home learning. We really enjoy seeing all of the examples of your hard work. We hope that you enjoyed your VE day stay home celebrations, if you managed to take any pictures of your decorations or crafts, please send them across and we will add them to our class page. 


We are really proud of you all Y5, keep up the hard work! 


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

VE Day Ideas

Home Learner Certificate

Home Learning W/C 4th May 2020 


Dear Parents / Carers / Year 5, 


Thanks for the great work that you  have continued to do again this week - pupils and parents.  It was lovely to see the work that you had completed, please continue to send these to me via the class email, throughout the week. Our class email is Remember to plan your ideas for your front garden VE day celebrations / picnic! Let us know what your ideas are. 


Keep up the hard work. 


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

Home Learner of the Week

Dear Parents / carers and Pupils


We would just like to say a huge well done for all the hard work from both pupils and parents/carers, again you have all done an amazing job. It has been great to see all of your fabulous work, please keep sending the emails in and we will shortly be uploading this work as a celebration. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to seeing the piece of work that you are most proud of!


Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 



Home Learning Timetable

Home Learner of the Week

Home Learning W/C: 20th April 2020


Dear Parents / Carers, 

We hope that you had a restful Easter. This term we will add the work in a slightly different format - each day there will be a daily PowerPoint for all the work that needs to be completed for that day. This may help to keep the routine and structure. The work will stay on for the duration as we understand that your child may not be able to complete the work on that day due to your work commitments. I have added mathematics tasks to a new online maths learning platform - my maths. Please email for your child's individual log in. If you have any other questions please just email - 


We thank you for your continued support. 

Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell  

Dear Pupils / Parents, 


Well done Year 5 your efforts with your home learning are fantastic - myself and Miss Farrell are really proud of your achievements this week. A huge thank you to all the parents for keeping us informed of the children's achievements and for the support with their work. During the Easter break - we have decided to set some fun / creative Easter Tasks. We have also set Mathematics, RE as well as various other activities linked to other areas of the curriculum along with catch up of any work from the previous two weeks if you wish. The documents or links will be listed below. Please feel free to send any photographs of the creative activities that you have carried out. The class email will be checked at various points throughout the holidays but may take a little longer to get back to you. We hope you have a happy and restful Easter break. 


Stay safe and we thank you all for the continued support. 

Many Thanks 

Mrs Cogan and Miss Farrell 

Easter Activities / Home Learning

Week 1 and 2

Mathematics Home Learning - Easter Holidays 

Use the link below.. 

Week 1 of the holidays - please complete week 2 of the mathematics.

Week 2 of the holidays - please complete week 3 of the mathematics.

Record in the squared exercise books. 


Also remember to keep practicing your times tables on TT Rock stars!  


Easter Creative Activities 

The document below gives some ideas for creative activities to carry out over the Easter holidays. If you wish you can send some pictures of your creative work. 

Please note these are only a guide of ideas and can be completed if you wish. 

R.E and English Tasks 


Week 1 of the holidays - complete slides 4, 5 and 6.

Week 2 of the holidays - complete slides 7, 8 and 9.


English Tasks - Week 1 complete English Task on slide 4 of the RE slides. 

Week 2 complete English Task on slide 8 of the RE slides. 



Spelling Recap - Week 1 and 2.

Week 2 Home Learner - Well done.

Year 5 Rainbows

Praying the Rosary

Our Harvest Collection

Our Stig of the Dump Story Map

Litter Picking in the Local Area

Visiting Hanley Library

Save Our Planet Campaign

Year 5 Autumn Term Class News Letter