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Dear Reception parents and children, 


During this unprecedented and disruptive period we will be doing our very best to make sure that you have all you need to keep your children engaged and motivated to learn with you at home.


We will be posting a lot of content on the class page over the coming weeks. While we would really stress the importance of daily Phonics, literacy and maths, it is also important to remember that each child is unique and there will be different things that interest and motivate each child. If your child is showing an interest in a different book to the one we are doing this week, then let them explore that. Some children may also want to spend longer on a piece of work than others may do. Please don't worry about missing a piece of work, falling behind or trying to cram everything we have set in to an unfamiliar and already difficult schedule. Do what you can, what interests your child and what is reasonable for you to achieve depending on your circumstances.


Please do try to do Phonics everyday (there is a guide to teaching this from home further down the page), as this is vitally important to developing your child's reading and writing ability. And please try to read a book with your child each day as well, discuss the book with them and ask them lots of questions. You can get them to write about these in their yellow book in a similar way to the weekly written tasks. 


Every week we will post new activities and resources for you to do at home. We will be posting some of our favourite stories and activities to go along with them every Monday as well as regularly adding sentence prompts, maths, RE, understanding the world and creative tasks. 


Please make sure that you have access to Purple Mash and TT Rock Stars as we will be setting work on there, if you have trouble getting online then please let us know. We would also like you to utilize Tapestry whenever you can to upload photos or videos of the children learning from home. Again if you cannot log in to Tapestry please let us know. 


If you need to get in touch please use the email address -


Thank you, as always, for your continued support - 


The Reception Team


Easter Holidays

Hi guys, just like we would have done if we were still coming in to school, we are breaking up for the Easter holidays. We are posting some home work you can do during the two week holidays if you want to, along with a new story and a link to a great website for phonics. 


I will still be contactable on Tapestry and on  but it may take a little longer for me to get back to you during the holiday season. 


Have a lovely Easter break everyone! 

Farmer Duck 

Holy Week Story

This is the Holy Week slide to go along with the Holy Week work set on Purple Mash.
Teach Your Monster To Read

Easter Sentence Prompts

Easter Home School Ideas Activity Pack

Week 2

Hi everyone, below are a number of activities and resources for week 2 of home-schooling. 


I have attached a link for our story - Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! Here Come The Dinosaurs!' - read by Mrs Franklin. With some dinosaur activities to complete - including creating a fact file and drawing your own dinosaurs. 


There is a slide show about Lent and an activity to complete together this week. 


There are five more sentence prompts to begin the day with. 


Please make sure that you are doing at the very least phonics, a sentence prompt and a maths activity each day (whether this is from the activities on this class page or on TT Rock Stars or Numbots). Along with this please try to complete one of the other activities we've set each day too. 


All evidence can be photographed and uploaded to Tapestry or can be sent to the email address


We will be setting weekly 2Do's on Purple Mash (but right now we're having a little difficulty making this work). 

Star of the Week

Star of the Week 1

Well done to Jacob, this weeks home-school star of the week! 


A big well done to lots of you this week, because there has been so much fantastic work. 

So well done to -

  • Kayne for all of the wonderful pictures and videos of his hard work and creativity on Tapestry
  • Kaja for her brilliant number bonds, phonics and amazing dinosaurs drawings
  • Poppy for her stunning sentence writing, dinosaur work and for helping to put a smile on people's face in hospital with her rainbow
  • Lauren for her beautiful rainbow pictures and her impressive sentences
  • Kyra for her rainbow t-rex and hard work in phonics
  • Danny for his wonderful sentences
  • Ethan for all of his dinosaur pictures and amazing facts
  • Becky for her very neat and well presented sentences
  • Roman for his Purple Mash phonics and dinosaur work
  • David for his attitude to working from home
  • Jess-Mai for her lovely home for her rabbit 
  • Millie for her tireless Purple Mash work and her beautiful rainbow
  • Alfie and Archie for working hard together at home


Well done to everyone, it has been such a good week for us seeing all of your work guys, keep it up! 

Phonics Home-School Guidance. This week's sounds are - y qu sh th ch

Sentence Prompts Week 2

RE Week 2

Dino Drawing Instructions

Our Favourite Dinosaurs Fact File Task

Week 1

Home Learning Star Of The Week

Home Learning Star Of The Week 1 Well done Chase for your hard work this week.

Also a special well done this week to - 

  • Kayne for his amazing Easter hat
  • Kyra for her lovely clapping for the NHS work on Purple Mash
  • Millie for all the quizzing she's done
  • Poppy for her lovely video 
  • Brooke for her beautiful safety posters
  • Jacob for his outstanding Easter Egg decorating


Keep it up guys, well done to everyone who's been working hard from home this week. 


Handa's Surprise

Still image for this video
Hi everyone, every Monday we will be posting one of our favourite stories on the class page for you to listen to and enjoy together at home. This week we will be looking at Handa’s Surprise. At the end of the story we will ask some questions that you can either write the answers to in the yellow book (not red as I might say in the video) that we sent home last week, or simply talk through together. There will also be a writing task after this that we would like you to write in the yellow books. These activities are to go alongside the ones sent out last week and will be updated every Monday.
I have had to upload the video in two parts because the original was too big. Enjoy!

Handa's Surprise part 2

Still image for this video
Here is the end of Handa's Surprise with questions and a writing task.

Phonics Home Schooling Guidance

For phonics this week please focus on the sounds j, v, w, x and z along with the tricky words 'all' and 'are'. 

Sentence Prompts

These are some sentence prompts for the children to use at home to develop their phonics and sentence writing skills. We do something very similar to this every morning in class before the register. Try to get the children to do this as independently as possible and send us some photos on Tapestry or to

Maths Home Schooling Activities - I will add to these regularly

French home learning

30 Day Lego Bible Challenge

30 Day Lego Bible Challenge 1

Home Schooling Letter