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Today we have tasted lots of yummy Chinese food! We had prawn crackers, spring rolls, lots of different dips and rice. We decided that the liked the prawn crackers the most, but we weren't too sure about the chilli sauce though! smiley

Reception have had a fantastic day exploring the Wedgwood Museum! They have had a special tour of the museum as well as a factory tour, where they have seen some real potters busily working away!

Everybody painted a beautiful handmade pot and even Wedgwood's own painters were impressed! It really has been a wonderful day and yet again, I am extremely proud of each and every child's behaviour throughout the day- well done Reception!

This week, we have been thinking about the start of Advent. We found out about Advent and all had a go at making a Christingle.

Christingle means "Christ's Light" and we light our candle to celebrate Jesus being the "Light of the World". See if your child can remember what all of the different parts of the Christingle represent, you could even make your own at home! smiley

Reception have had a brilliant time preparing and enjoying some delicious pumpkin soup! A real Autumn treat that was very tasty! smiley 

Why not have a go at making some yourself during the half term break?

Happy half term!



We've been busy exploring shapes!

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