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Peer Mediators

Our Peer Mediators follow a training programme designed to train pupils in conflict resolution, providing them with the skills to help sort out minor problems at playtimes and to use these skills in life. The children follow a formal interview process in which they first fill out an application form explaining why they feel they would be good for this role.

Peer Mediator Roles are given through their understanding of the role and their enthusiasm to support other children with minor conflicts on the playground. Peer mediators do not "make decisions" but work towards empowering peers on both sides to resolve minor conflicts and disputes in a calm manner. Safety of children is our first concern that is why there is a clear training process in which the children complete before they obtain the role.

The programme covers in depth situations where it is appropriate for them to support. This is set out in the ‘ground rules’ they complete before they start. Further evaluation of their ability to do the role is also completed in the training process.


Miss Ward oversees the Peer Mediators to ensure they are happy and enjoying their roles.


Some examples of Peer Mediator support that has been provided on the playground;


One of the children in year 5 was upset. We went to him and he had nothing to do. We talked with some children in the class and we got him playing football’


‘There were girls who did not know what game to play and looked very lost. We went across and showed them a game they can all play together’