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Reading - Bug Club online books


It is really important for adults or older siblings to read to the children every day, so that the children are being exposed to new vocabulary and intonation on a daily basis.  All of Nursery recently brought home their Bug Club login details on a laminated coloured bookmark.  This gives the children access to a variety of reading books that they can read themselves and that they can talk about to another member of the family.


If you still have any of our school reading books at home - please have a hunt for them and bring them in next week.

Letter to Parents

As we are now learning from home for a short period of time, please see the documents below for activity ideas to have a go at with your children.


Parents have been sent Teams links for joining our daily Nursery online sessions at 9am and 2pm, whilst we are learning at home.  These will be short interactive sessions.  We are all due back in school on Tuesday 13th July.


We look forward to seeing you on screen very soon.


Mrs White and Mrs Knall

Tapestry observations


It is wonderful for us to be able to regularly share observations of your children with you, using the Tapestry app.  This app gives EYFS parents a real insight into daily Nursery life and it is also a great way for parents to share exciting wow moments that take place out of school with myself and Mrs Knall.  


Please check your emails carefully to see if you have received an activation email from Tapestry tonight (12.5.21) as I am aware that some parents have not yet accessed this app. 


When you look back at the photographs of your children during their Nursery year, you will see that we have made precious memories and you should be extremely proud of your children's achievements during their first year at school.


Mrs White x

Exploring sea creatures

National Day of Reflection

Red Nose Day obstacle course

World Book Day - pj day!

Census 2021

Baking for Mother's Day

Forest School Fun

Phonics (phases 1 & 2) & Reading Information for Parents

Home Learning Ideas for Nursery children

I've added some simple recipes for making playdough or saltdough at home so that Nursery can practise their Dough Disco moves at home.  If you google 'Dough Disco' you'll be able to see a video of the Dough Disco Queen doing her moves.  This is a daily finger workout that we do in school, at the start of the day, strengthening the children's finger, hand and arm muscles to support their control of equipment like scissors/pens/pencils/pain brushes/ crayons.  You can do the dough disco moves to any music - so make some dough, choose a tune and get dancing!!! 


It's actually a whole body workout session that grown ups will enjoy joining in with too:)



Playdough/saltdough recipes for Dough Disco

Fine motor activities for Nursery to do at home, when they are not in school:


Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday tasks such as self care: buttons, poppers and zips, cleaning teeth, using cutlery, opening packets and lunch boxes as well as more academic skills such as drawing, writing and cutting.  Fine motor skills involve using the smaller muscles in the hand and it is therefore really important to exercise and build strength in these muscles to enable a child to develop stamina, precision and hand dominance.  As this improves so does a child's independence and in turn their confidence and self-esteem.


Here are some activities which can help improve fine motor skills:


  • Threading and lacing: using pasta, beads, cereal hoops, string or laces of different sizes
  • Tongs or tea bag squeezers to pick up different sized objects or how many clothes pegs can you attach to a piece of cardboard?
  • Manipulation games such as pick up sticks or Connect Four
  • Playdough - using fingers not the whole hand and in the air rather than on the table
  • Construction - which involves pushing and pulling with fingers: Mobilo, K-Nex, Lego, Duplo
  • Opening and closing screw top lids on bottles or jars - can you match which lid goes on which bottle?
  • Craft: cutting and sticking, using tape, finger finger painting


Whilst not in school, please encourage your child to be as independent as possible on a daily basis with:

          -dressing and undressing

          -toileting and washing and drying hands

          -regularly eating with a knife and fork

          -drinking from a plastic cup, without spilling the contents

          -doing and undoing zips, buttons and poppers on clothing such as coats



If you wish to contact the teacher during lockdown please use the following email address:

Superhero Day 23.10.20

21.09.20 - Important information for parents

14.09.20 - important information for parents


-Please regularly check your child's hair for headlice and eggs.  We already have an outbreak in Nursery.  


-If you haven't already done so, please download the Tapestry app (instructions were on paperwork handed out at the end of last term).  We are hoping to email you activation codes later this week so that you will be able to regularly see photos of your children's learning at Nursery.  


-Please name all items of clothing.  We have 3 unnamed jumpers/cardigans left in Nursery today that were not claimed by any parents.  We really need your help with this, particularly on a Friday when the children will be supported to independently undress and dress for our PE lesson.


-For any children who have allergies or medical or dietary requirements, we need to have proof on paper from health professionals who are caring for these children.


-Named water bottles must be brought into school every day.


Thanks for your continued support.

Week 2 information for parents



Nursery met the other half of the class for dinner today and enjoyed playing outside with their new friends.  The children are quickly settling into Nursery life and their new routine.  Well done to everyone - keep up the good work.