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Hello Nursery,


Thank you for sharing your amazing home learning with us on Tapestry - please continue to do this over the coming weeks/months.  In case you are struggling for ideas as to what to do over the Easter Holidays, I have included some activities, on this class page, that you could do at home either by yourself or with the support of an adult.  We will not be responding to any parent emails over the next two weeks, but please keep taking photos of activities that your children are doing at home, or in the garden, and upload them to your Tapestry accounts, enabling us to continue to add to your children's learning journeys.


Have a lovely Easter and stay safe.


Mrs White & Mrs Bradshaw

Home Learning Champion Week 2

Thank you very much to those parents who are keeping me up to date with your little ones by regularly posting photographs of your children on Tapestry.  I really am missing them all.  It is lovely to see that lots of you have made the most of the warmer, direr weather this week and done lots of outdoor learning.  Keep up the good work and try to get outside whenever possible.


Sending my best wishes to all of you.


Mrs White

Home Learning: Week 2 - Creative Ideas

Home Learning: Week 2 - Maths

Home Learning: Week 2 - RE

Home Learning : Week 2 - phonics phase 1 & 2

Lego 30 day Bible challenge

Home Learning Champion Week 1

French home learning

To support your child with their Maths (numbers) at home, please go onto the following free website:


Select the Early Years section and there are plenty of activities to have a go at.


Phonics Home Learning Guidance

Dear Nursery Parents,


During this difficult period parents are being asked to do some home-schooling during the school week in order to help children keep up with what they would be missing in school each week.  In order to help you to do this we will be sending home some resources (in a green/yellow exercise book) and guidance today and we will also be uploading some weekly tasks, each Monday, to try complete, on the class page on the school’s website.  Take your time to look through these and use them whenever you wish.  We will do our best not overload you with too much work every week, so there will be lots of time to complete things at your own pace. 


We are suggesting that you put aside time each day to work with your child on their phonics for ten minutes. We would also suggest reading to your children every day and trying to do some numbers and letter sound activities with them.  We have attached guidance for completing a phonics lesson.  


While it is important to complete these sorts of activities, it is also important to remember that at this stage of their education your child is being encouraged to develop their creative and social skills too.  Try to spend time during the day playing with them, doing crafts, exercising, building and asking them lots of questions.  Let them play and be creative during the day.


We are sending home exercise books for you to draw, practise letter sounds and numbers in, but we are also encouraging you to document your child’s progress by taking lots of photos and uploading them to Tapestry.  If you currently cannot get onto Tapestry, email me and I will make sure that your account is working for you as quickly as possible. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me on and I will do my best to get back to as soon as possible.


From all of us in the Nursery team we wish you the best of health and you will all be in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  We are still hopeful that we will see you again back in Nursery in the near future.  Thank-you for your continued support.




Mrs White, Mrs Bradshaw and Mrs Bickerton

Exploring our outdoor area

Dinner time

Dinner time  1
Dinner time  2

Exploring areas within the classroom

Workmen building our new playground

Visit from a local librarian

 Visit from a local librarian 1
 Visit from a local librarian 2
 Visit from a local librarian 3
 Visit from a local librarian 4
 Visit from a local librarian 5
 Visit from a local librarian 6

Grand opening of our new playground

Our fantastic EYFS playground

Our fantastic EYFS playground 1
Our fantastic EYFS playground 2
Our fantastic EYFS playground 3
Our fantastic EYFS playground 4
Our fantastic EYFS playground 5

Visit to Hanley Library

Visit to Hanley Library 1
Visit to Hanley Library 2
Visit to Hanley Library 3
Visit to Hanley Library 4
Visit to Hanley Library 5
Visit to Hanley Library 6
Visit to Hanley Library 7
Visit to Hanley Library 8
Visit to Hanley Library 9
Visit to Hanley Library 10
Visit to Hanley Library 11
Visit to Hanley Library 12
Visit to Hanley Library 13

Collective worship: October

Collective worship: October 1
Collective worship: October 2
Collective worship: October 3
Collective worship: October 4

Music with Mr B

Music with Mr B 1
Music with Mr B 2
Music with Mr B 3

Celebrating European Day of Languages

First visit to church, ready for our Harvest Mass: 23.10.19

Diwali celebrations

Diwali celebrations 1
Diwali celebrations 2
Diwali celebrations 3
Diwali celebrations 4
Diwali celebrations 5
Diwali celebrations 6

Remembrance Activities: November

Children In Need: 15.11.19

Children In Need: 15.11.19 1
Children In Need: 15.11.19 2
Children In Need: 15.11.19 3
Children In Need: 15.11.19 4
Children In Need: 15.11.19 5
Children In Need: 15.11.19 6
Children In Need: 15.11.19 7
Children In Need: 15.11.19 8

Amerton Farm Christmas visit - December

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner 1
Christmas Dinner 2
Christmas Dinner 3
Christmas Dinner 4
Christmas Dinner 5
Christmas Dinner 6
Christmas Dinner 7
Christmas Dinner 8
Christmas Dinner 9
Christmas Dinner 10
Christmas Dinner 11
Christmas Dinner 12
Christmas Dinner 13
Christmas Dinner 14
Christmas Dinner 15

The Donkey’s Tale

The Donkey’s Tale 1
The Donkey’s Tale 2
The Donkey’s Tale 3
The Donkey’s Tale 4
The Donkey’s Tale 5
The Donkey’s Tale 6
The Donkey’s Tale 7
The Donkey’s Tale 8
The Donkey’s Tale 9
The Donkey’s Tale 10
The Donkey’s Tale 11