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Everyone Remembered

As part of the British Legion's campaign to have Everyone Remembered for the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1, each year has chosen to remember brave soldiers from the Great War.


Reception are remembering the brave Private Thomas John White of the Somerset Light Infantry, lost in France 26/08/1914.


Year One are remembering the noble Private W. Dorsey of the East Yorkshire Regiment, lost in France 10/10/1918.


Year Two are remembering the heroic Sergeant John James Foxworthy of the Marine Light Infantry, laid to rest in Devon, lost on 30/03/1915.


Year Three are remembering the galant Lance Corporal H B Anstey of the South Staffordshire Regiment, lost in France on 18/08/1918.


Year Four are remembering the courageous Sepoy Kondiba Bagore of the 107th Indian Pioneers, lost in France on 15/12/1914.


Year Five are remembering the valiant  Private Thomas Edward Clifford of the Australian Infantry, lost in France on 12/08/1917; Private Edward James Arthur of the Australian Infantry, laid to rest in Geelong, Australia, lost on 25/10/1914;  Private John William Poole of the Australian Infantry, laid to rest in Adelaide, lost on 28/09/1914; and Private George William Ballantine of the Australian Infantry, lost on 30/11/191? in Belgium.


Year Six are remembering the enduring Private Percy Newbound of the Border Regiment, lost in Belgium.


We'd also like to remember the Great Great Uncle of Mrs Bickerton, Private George Spurdle of the Royal Marine Light Infantry, lost to us on 17/11/16.


Lest we forget


At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.