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Lockdown 2.0 Weekend Challenges



Weekend One


This weekend if you in the mood for a challenge you could try one of these 5 challenges (you don’t have to bring in any evidence – just have fun giving them a go!)

  1. Keepy Ups! – You’ll need a ball for this one. Drop the ball and let it bounce then kick it up into the air and let it bounce again. (So ‘Drop-bounce-kick-bounce-kick-bounce-kick-bounce-kick-bounce…… etc). Keep practising over the course of the weekend and see if you can keep improving your score!
  2. Assault Course – Get creative and make your own assault course. Then challenge whoever is at home with you to see who can complete it the fastest.
  3. Dance off! – This could be perfect for a Saturday night in?! Challenge everyone at home for a dance off. Each person has to dance for 30 seconds each. Could be fun or you could make some Strictly style score cards and take it to the judges!
  4. Shoulder touch press ups – How many can you do without stopping?
  5. Research Project – Think of a sport or activity that you enjoy. Then try to find out the greatest players ever from that activity. Did they have a signature move that you can copy?