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Catholic Social Teaching

Pope Francis asks us to, "Take the path of our God who teaches us to meet him in the hungry, the thirsty, naked, the sick, the friend in trouble."


Using these words we follow the Catholic Social Teaching principles.

The Worker

All people work in some way. 

Their work should be safe and helpful to them because God made them.

 By our work, we help others and ourselves and we show our love to God.


For the Poor and Needy

You all need food, water, a house, your school, a good doctor and a job for the grown-ups who takes care of you.

But there are many people who do not have these things.

Jesus wants us to take good care of these people.


Caring for God’s Creation

God made the earth and sky. 

God made all the people all over the world. 

God made all the animals too. 

 God made all the flowers, plants. 

God tells us we must take good care of them.  It is an important job.


Promotion of Peace

When we fall out with our friends we must say sorry, then try to be even better friends.

We must always try to live in peace and get on with everyone.

This is not easy but Jesus wants us to keep trying!


Working Together for Good

All people are God’s children.

That makes us brothers and sisters.

We are all connected to each other.

We are one family – God’s family.


Family and Community

Jesus knows that people can only be happy if they have families and friends.

He tells us that we can let these important people help us.

Jesus asks us to help our families too.


Rights and Responsibilities

All God’s people have the right to food, work, clothes, a home, school and a doctor to help when they are sick. 

Every single person needs these. 

Some people do not have them.

 Jesus wants people who have what they need to help others.



Dignity of the Human Person

God made each of us so we are very special!

We are special because of God’s love for us.

We must care for each other because we were all made by God!

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