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Academy Representatives

The table shows our Academy Representatives and their attendance at the meetings.
Academy Representative Category Area of Responsibility Register of Interest 11/11/19 10/2/20 15/6/19
Mrs Diane Jones Chair Finance  

Mrs Janet Powell Vice Chair Standards  

Mrs Mary Adams Foundation Member Pupil Premium   


Mr Martin Bickerton Foundation Member Compliance Spouse- Member of support staff

Mrs June Taaffe-Smith Foundation Member Catholic Life  

Miss Natalie Clark Support Staff Member Safeguarding  

Mrs Janine Exon Teaching Staff Member Vice Principal, SEND    
Mrs Debbie Sims Principal Principal  



Dates of Appointment



Start Date End Date
Mrs Diane Jones 11/11/2017 10/11/2021
Mrs Janet Powell 11/11/2017 10/11/2021
Mrs Mary Adams 11/11/2017 10/11/2021
Mr Martin Bickerton 11/11/2017 10/11/2021
Mrs June Taaffe-Smith 11/11/2017 10/11/2021
Miss Natalie Clark 02/01/2018 01/01/2022
Mrs Janine Exon 13/11/2017 12/11/2021
Mrs Debbie Sims 27/06/2005  


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